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We offer a globally recognised education solution in Nigeria. We are strategically located in the heart of Lagos, with wealth of experience and team of experts that offers students solution that far surpass anything else that is available. We only provide professional overseas education service to suitable applicants wishing to further their career abroad in countries like the UK, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, China, Australia and many more.

The difference between us and everyone else is that we put our students at the centre of what we do, our service is of the highest standards and our experience is a combination that is unbeatable. We boost career chance and always committed from day one to helping you build the right skills to develop a successful career that would transform you’re live.

The courses we provide are to meet your needs and we ensure you study in one of the best colleges and universities in the world. If you are looking to kick start your career, we can help you gain globally recognised qualification that will provide you with greater career choice and opportunities.

We have the most experienced and forward thinking experts. They speak to hundreds of people each month, offering a continued support and advice about our educational packages and what it takes to have a successful career. They also help you discover career options related to you and advice you on a range of related issues.
Choosing the right institution for you is critical, and we are here to help you. 


Speak with one of our experts today to find out what course suits you, and perhaps if you are committed to progress then you are likely to find US very valuable. We are the only organisation in Nigeria that can provide you with these services.

•    We provide an open and honest service
•    We treat customers with respect, courtesy and in a polite manner, assisting you in any way possible

•    We obtain the best possible courses for our customers

•    We consider your educational interest our topmost priority

•    We provide you with the information needed and allow you make an informed decision using NGGA services

•    We hold ourselves to the highest standards and serve as an example of a professional benchmark that our company can achieve

•    We provide services which best meets our customers needs

•    We offer advice on the most appropriate issues and queries for our customers

•    We aim to offer excellent customer service and that is why we want to get to know you and your problems

• We are an overseas’ education consultancy company
• Our core values are based on quality, expertise, loyalty and integrity
• Our mission is to apply innovative methods in delivering services to our customers
• We are committed in promoting the cause of Nigerians missing out on education
• Our long term vision is to facilitate knowledge transfer, elevate learning and enhance Nigerian experience in the global market
• Our business ensures Nigerians and other nationals study across the globe
• We create an environment where differences of opinion and ideas are encourage

Expertise, quality, integrity, reliability and a supportive work environment form the foundation of our business. NGGA is able to deliver the best education solution by bringing together highly talented people who generate exceptional results.

We acknowledge that earning the right qualification proves to employers that you’ve got the right knowledge for the job, and with the services NGGA offers you stand a better chance succeeding in your career. We aim to give you complete peace of mind and oversee all your arrangement.


The following are the many benefits NGGA plans to offer you

•    Ensuring you get the best advice and information regarding the process of applying for an entry clearance visa to study abroad

•    We partake in making sure your dreams and career paths are actualized

•    Our team of experts provide you with extensive career counseling and guidance, which allows you make informed decisions about the course of your choice

•    We help in planning your journey as well as helping you secure suitable accommodation

•    You will be opportune to meet with our team of experts, who are ready to provide you first-hand information about getting an educational package that suits you and assisting you through your application process

•    We will provide you with an opportunity to consider a range of study options without stress

•    We help you develop your skills and confidence to build a rewarding career

•    Finally, our experts are on hand to put you through the entry clearance visa process


Have you considered studying abroad? If you ask any student who has studied abroad, he or she will tell you, it’s a life changing experience and one of the most rewarding things in life. With the increasingly global business environment and the rise of emerging market, NGGA understand there is need for our next generation of students to understand the changing dynamics of acquiring quality education overseas. 


We are also aware that pursing education abroad can be a transforming and challenging experience, not only does it present an opportunity, it increases the need for confident and allows you to be productive and competitive in the global market. You stand the chance of acquiring a vast knowledge that could allow you connect and communicate effectively within the global market. There is no better way to learn these skills than allowing NGGA take care of your study abroad needs.

Perhaps you are still not certain what benefit you stand to gain studying abroad; here are reasons why you should take the steps

• You become a full time learner
• It expands your world view
• It elevate your learning skills
• It allows you to learn more about your self
• It enhances your employment opportunities
• It allows you to compete within the global market
• It enhances your growth and development
• It offers your student experience once in a life time opportunity
• You stand out among other graduates with skills that can only be gained through international experience


The difference between NGGA and everyone else is the way we provide solutions to education. We have accumulated experience through years of working at the UK visa application centre. It means we go further to give you value that is unbeatable owing to strong potentials that exist in our organisation. Our team of experts are passionate about assisting you and everything we do is an absolute commitment to quality and standards, geared towards offering you the best advantage you need.



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