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Our core business solutions are meeting the needs of the next generation of students. We provide information and guidance on a range of issues: careers, accommodation, academic and finance.


We are committed to strengthening our relationship with you. Our business proposition is providing overseas students higher education opportunities with details of courses in prestigious university across the globe. The courses we provide are to meet and match the needs of all our applicants to specific requirements of the education institution, removing stress and hassle with no cost.



At NGGA LTD, we understand that choosing the right course and right place to study can be a difficult steps to take. It is a crucial decision and involves a lot of planning, research and decision making.


That is why our team of experts are here to help you identify the right course and the right university, match your career goals, scores, budget and academic interest to get you the best suited institution. Here in NGGA, we also play a vital role in narrowing down the list of universities that you should apply for, after analyzing a range of educational institution across the region.


You will get full assistance from us in completing and submitting application for admission. We will provide you list of necessary supporting documents.


We will correspondence with the university or the college regarding your application and collect your Offer Letter once your application is accepted. You will be evaluated for scholarships when you apply for admission. Your eligibility will be based on your high school admission average at the time of your admission offer. We’ll assess you for a match based on the following.



  • You could be starting with scholarships you don’t even have to apply for! You will be evaluated for these scholarships when you apply for admission
  • Candidates’ eligibility for this scholarship must apply before the application deadline
  • Candidates must meet the based academic criteria for scholarships and awards
  • Present an admission average that meets or exceeds those required for the specific scholarship or award.
  • Be entering either college or university directly from high school with fewer than 12 credits of university course work taken during high school or following time taken off between high school and college, provided that no post-secondary credit was received during that time.
  • Be entering the first year of full-time studies in the upcoming year
  • Candidate eligibility for specific scholarships will be assessed based on their admission information and their scholarship application. Scholarship and award competitions are competitive; there is no guarantee that meeting eligibility will result in a scholarship or award offer
  • Entrance award offers are conditional on the accuracy of your self-recorded grades
  • If there is a discrepancy between your self-recorded grades and your final official transcript, your award offer could be revoked.



We understand the value of money spent and try our best to get students some form of financial aid in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc. All awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the University. Candidate with excellent academics, good performance on standardized exams and extra-curricular activities are eligible for scholarship awards.


But this information needs to be presented in manner that it gets highlighted and noticed. At International Admission Service we make every possible effort to help deserving candidates get scholarships and financial assistance.


In addition, we highlight those programs that have internship options (paid or unpaid), industrial placements, etc. to help students get a foothold into the work place much before they set out to look for jobs during their post study work permit periods. Scholarships and financial aid fee waivers awarded to international students are absolutely at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the institutions.


So a student aspiring to move to foreign land for higher education International Admission Service is your ultimate destination to get the best advice about how to succeed in winning scholarships.


Depending upon your visa requirement and the course you are applying for, we compile the documents of the students, so that they meet the requirements. This is a critical process and we pay extreme care and attention, in other to do the right thing. Proper presentation of documents also increases the chances of visa approval.



The most difficult steps of an entire visa process is the visa interview, in which a consular officer will ask you a questions about your reasons to study abroad, your travel plans and the purpose of your trip. We also understands that the thought of being interviewed by a visa officer can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that the interview’s purpose is simply to determine whether or not you meet visa requirement. At NGGA, we help our clients prepare for the visa interview through a number a sessions conducted by our team of experts with vast experience in interview processes and techniques.


The practice is key for our clients to appear during an interview at the embassy. Knowing what types of questions will be asked, and what to expect throughout the process can set you up for success. We guide on how to answer the visa officer and how you are expected to present yourself. The answers you provide during your interview counts, as every details are noted. With our years of experience in the industry, we are aware what kind of questions visa officers will be asking. Therefore, we prepare our clients accordingly to enhance their visa success rates.


Whatever you’re academic and career goals might be, we encourage you to consider Next Generation Global Associates Limited. Our career counselors are available to help you every step of the way. We will review your academic, professional, financial circumstances along with your future study and career plan. According to your needs, we will assist you in selecting suitable course, place of study & all other related issues.


You will get proper guidance from us and a cognitive performance process, alongside your performance motivation, patterns of behavior and communication. That is why at NGGA, our dedicated counselors discusses your personality profile with another of our staff. In doing so, we are sure to factor in all possible perspective and find the best options and strategies that is best for you until your departure to your desired destination.



You can depend on us for pre departure assistance as well. We will help you arrange your air tickets and assist you with other things. We believe in making the entire process of moving abroad hassle free for the clients so that they do not face any troubles throughout the process.


We are ready to help clients with the pre departure assistance they require.

International Admission Service walks the entire process of visa documentation, course selection, interview preparation with the clients so that they can have peace of mind. If you want to study or settle abroad, then consult the experts of International Admission Service.


Going away from home even for a day or so is always tough and imagine how it would feel when you have to travel abroad and that too all alone for years. At International Admission Service we understand the students’ and their parents’ anxiety and make students’ journey quite comfortable and safe. 


When we talk about travelling assistance we are not just talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land or desired country but also travel from the airport to place where the students will be staying or if the stay is in hostel of the university campus.


At International Admission Service we take every possible effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country of their choice as seamless as possible. We guide them with travel tips and also assist with any airline bookings. This valuable service is provided free of cost. International Admission Service takes the responsibility to book flights well in advance to help students get ideal departure dates, routes and that too at an affordable discounted rate.


We also assist students in identifying the best airlines for heavy baggage schemes. There are a number of international airlines that offer special discounts for students of which International Admission Service is aware of and thus we suggest the names of these airlines to the students.


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