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Our excursions range from local visits to international excursion. We arrange many amazing and breathtakingly visit to beautiful places in Nigeria like the Ikogosi warm spring, Kanji Dam, Obudu Cattle Ranch, The Benin City National Museum etc. We have something for everyone, whether it is day trip or weekend tours, we have it all covered.


Whatever the scope is, our excursions can offer many advantages to students who take them.Our experience in school travel has prepared us for eventualities and has helped us limit these possible potential dangers.


We can help you find the best student tour for your money at the price you expect and give you peace of mind that everything will go the way it should.Our services are considered the best; we don’t say this because we want to draw your attention but to let you know you are at the right place.Here are some more reasons which set NGGA Ltd Tours apart from the rest


Excursions also functions to put some variety into otherwise regimented lesson plan, instead of spending every day in the classroom, students get to learn new environment with new instructors. Excursions also give students the chance to interact with students from other schools as they learn together and participate in group activities.

Learning Styles

Excursions often cater for more than one learning styles, making excellent teaching tools for students. Classroom lectures apply primarily to learners, who learn by listening. Excursion trips offer an uncommon opportunity to perform hand on learning.

Classroom Inspiration

A student who sees touches and smells historic relics, ancient artifacts becomes motivated to learn more in depths, when he or she returns to the classroom. Excursion trips stimulate learning beyond what textbook and video can provide. This allows participants to learn, reach out to their peers from various learning backgrounds and styles.


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