Thank you for considering NGGA in your pursuit of your higher education. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, transfer student, post-graduate or graduate student, NGGA will guide you through the admissions journey.


We’re happy you’ve come this far and are excited to name just a few reasons why NGGA is your best option for your higher education:


  • Make your future what you want it to be
  • Create a career path that’s uniquely you with degree options beyond imagination.



The application process to gain admission can seem complex and long, but Next Generation Global Associates will guide and support you throughout the entire process. We are experts in dealing with University admission placement and can help you apply in a quick and simple way.


You can apply at any time throughout the year. Applications through NGGA offer flexible dates.


 We can also assist with late applications.


Get guidance and support on your academic journey by working with our professional, they can help you!


  • Assist you in preparing for your careers
  • Help you learn your degree and certification requirements
  • Inform you of and help you achieve your academic goals
  • Help you understand important policies & procedures regarding your academics
  • Help you master important academic success skills like study skills and reading


However, first and foremost our teams of experts are here to listen, and to help you succeed. Meet with your academic advisor consistently so that you will be on track to graduate on time and reach your academic goals!

Help and Advice from NGGA Ltd

For any queries on how to apply, please contact us: [email protected] or call in to our office at Suite 305 3rd Floor Ikeja Plaza, 81 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Ikeja or call us on 07050568799


On receipt of a complete application, we will assess your application with a view to providing you with a decision from our partnering universities and colleges, but within four to six week period. Within this period, you should receive one of the following:


  1. Firm offer of a place on a course
  2. Conditional offer (dependent on course specific requirement, for example English language proficiency or awaiting transcripts)
  3. Invitation to interview
  4. Unsuccessful application
  5. Placed on a waiting list


  • When a decision is made on your application, you will be informed by email or call about your application status. Should you also be placed on a waiting list, a final decision will be communicated to you, no later than two weeks after the closing date.
  • Candidates who do not receive a response within four weeks of submitting their application are strongly advised to contact us


Application Closing Date

Each programme has an indicated closing date; it is advisable to contact us if the closing date for the program has passed and to enquire whether it is possible to make a late application.


Pre degrees are for prospective students who have the ability to succeed but do not have all the formal qualification or experience needed to start an undergraduate degree. It is a one or two semester course at any university of your choice, when completed successfully, you will be guaranteed a place, starting at year one of a degree or diploma at the university of your choice.


So if you’re worried that you don’t have a formal qualification or experience to start our pre- degree course, what may surprise you is how we go out of our way to assist you. You have chosen the right path, we offer pre-degree courses to prospects like you and you will be guaranteed a placement to study in one of our accredited Global University partners. The environment here in NGGA is supportive, collaborative, and we ensure you get best advice that would guarantee you a complete peace of mind. We can accelerate your career like no one else.


Let us bear your stress it’s what we do best. It’s the care we take that makes us different. Get in touch with us today and let’s see how we can help.


Are you struggling to decide which career path that is right for you; help is here with Next Generation Global Associates. We guarantee to take care of you from the moment you contact us to the moment you return home. We have extensive study abroad experience and our experts can provide that extra insight into the best institution that suits your very needs and also take your career to the next level.


Our business is built on honesty, quality service and transparency. So if you’re thinking about starting an undergraduate course, get in touch with one of our course adviser today to know how to start your degree.

Alternatively click on our CONTACT US section, leave us some information by completing our enquiry form and be rest assured our team of experts will get back to you, to discuss the best option that is available to you.

Undergraduate Full-Degree Requirements

  • West African Senior School Certificate (awarded by West African Examinations Council)

Students can be considered for admission in the first year of their bachelor’s degree course if:

  • They have successfully completed the first year of a University degree
  • The points required vary from course to course
  • Aminimum of 5 subjects must be presented in total, with three at Higher Level
  • Grades required vary from course to course, but the minimum entry requirement is required
  • They hold an HND/ND – upper credit


A transfer applicant is an international student who has finished high school and completed some coursework at the postsecondary level in Canada or abroad. You will be considered a transfer applicant even if you have completed one course at the college or university level.


Note: U.S. students in a dual curriculum program who receive a high school diploma and an associate’s degree in the senior year are still considered to be a high school applicant.


Entry requirement for a transfer student


  • Unofficial High School transcript
  • Unofficial transcripts from every colleges/university attended
  • Letters of recommendation from two academic instructors
  • Test scores demonstrating English proficiency
  • Resume


Postgraduate degrees are for student who have already completed an undergraduate degree to a standard or have enough work experience in their relevant field. A master’s degree is usually taught like an undergraduate degree which takes one or two years to be completed. It is more challenging than a bachelor’s and demands considerable independent thought from student.

At Next Generation Global Associates our goal is to make you reach yours. We want to provide a university education that helps expands your skills, make you realise your potential and increase your employment opportunities both domestic and international.


A master’s degree is very important to attain higher-level positions in career fields such as library science, engineering, behavioral health, and education. Also, international students from some countries are only permitted to study in the USA at a graduate level after completing the required credits in their home country. A few entrance tests are required to be taken for entering a graduate program, such as GRE for master’s programs, LSAT for Law courses, and GMAT for MBA programs.


The graduate program for a Master’s degree usually takes 1-2 years to complete, and Students pursuing a master’s program are required to work on a research paper called a Master’s thesis or Master’s project as a part of their curriculum.


Entry requirements for a Master’s degree programme?


  • International equivalent of a four-year Bachelor’s degree program from an accredited university
  • Unofficial transcripts for all colleges/universities attended
  • English language ability between for direct entry
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Plus specific requirements for individual courses

Admissions application


Admission Requirements

Varies On Institutions



English Language Proficiency

Admissions Checklist


Proof of English

WAEC/NECO Scratch Cards
High school diploma
Bank statements

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines varies on institutions

Admissions Process

  1. Application fee varies on institutions
  2. Enrollment Deposit varies also on the institutions
  3. Get your I-20 (Appliacable to US institutions)
  4. Get your visa and prepare for departrure
  5. Arrive on campus

Apply Today!

ENROLLMENT DEADLINES FOR international student



Session 1 : Nov 23

Session 2 : Jan 18


Session 1 : Mar 22

Session 2 : May 17


Session 1 : July 12

Session 2 : Sept 6

When to apply?

Applications and all needed documentations must be received before the intended start date

When to arrive?

Student may arrive at their study of country destination before the start date.


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