Our friendly team will look after you and provide you all the help and support you need to arrange a better accommodation for you. Our network allows our student to secure a place that has great value and fantastic travel links, 24hours reception and internet facility with energy and utility bills, as well as broadband all inclusive.


However, the safety and security of our student is our number one priority, making sure CCTV is available with a secured key fob access. You have an opportunity to meet new people, learn more about a society that is different from the one you know. If you are considering travelling abroad, it will be better to secure an accommodation with us that will guarantee you peace of mind.


So whether you are looking for a romantic weekend away in Paris, a family trip to the Mediterranean or a short break in London, speak with us at Next Generation Global Associates Ltd and relax on the knowledge that one of our consultants will create a tailor-made holiday

University accommodation for international students

In some cases, your visa application will require proof that you have accommodation already organized with your university. In this case, your university may take responsibility for your accommodation, confirming you will have accommodation to the relevant immigration authorities.


As a first year international student, some universities guarantee first year international students accommodation. However, you will still need to meet strict deadlines for confirming and paying a deposit to secure your place.

Living on campus

Staying in halls of residence on a campus can be a great way to get the most out of your university experience. Aside from the convenience of being near to teaching rooms, it encourages students to socialize together more often, and get involved with campus activities and groups.


Halls of residence can often come with meal plans as part of the cost. You may be entitled to breakfast and dinner, or even every meal, as part of the fee you pay for your room.


It’s important to note that campus accommodation can often have you living in a dorm room with other students, as is often the case with American universities. In the UK however, the majority of students have their own room but may share bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Off campus accommodation

Some universities don’t have one particular campus, so their student accommodation is


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